To our Hamaya Factory For Medical Products

Our products are used in a wide range of healthcare   and public health settings including hospitals, clinics, surgeries, nursing and care homes, dental and veterinary practices, schools and colleges, public buildings, food processing and catering facilities, transportation hubs and many other locations where infection prevention and environmental health are critical


تستخدم منتجاتنا في مجموعة واسعة من مرافق الرعاية الصحية والصحة العامة بما في ذلك المستشفيات والعيادات والعمليات الجراحية والتمريض ودور الرعاية وعيادات طب الأسنان والبيطرية والمدارس والكليات والمباني العامة ومرافق تجهيز الأغذية والمطاعم ومراكز النقل والعديد من المواقع الأخرى حيث الوقاية من العدوى والصحة البيئية أمر بالغ الأهمية



   Blue- for Instrument                      
 All instruments used are carefully disinfected and cleaned. our products have been tested on a wide variety of materials for product compatiblity,  whether used in the I-DIS disinfection box, the bur bath, ultrasonic bath or in a compination with autoclaves.

   Green - for Surfaces                        
 Due to patient traffic and the constant contact with contaminated objects, all equipment i.e. surface, chairs, fixtures and fittings need to be disinfected each  and every time between treatments. the advantages of the hamaya range of  hard surface disinfectants,
wipes and spray alike, ore the short reaction times, the thorough cleaning
action and the compatibility with a wide range of surfaces.

   Yallow - for Special Areas            
 In order to properly care for yuor suction system, amalgam separator, vacuum tubing devices as wall as impressions in practice, hama offers you a complete and user friendly range of disinfection, cleaning and care products based on the daily and weekly cleaning and disinfection of all wet, dry or semi wet/dry systems.
The range also includes high level disinfectant for impressions, either a ready to use spray
or impersion in a powder / water mix, to be used on all impressions from alginate, addition
cured or polyether

   Pink -
for skin & Hands                 
Disinfecting hands and gloves to prevent infection is extremely important. the hamaya range incorporates both surgical hand scrub and alcohol gel/rub products, all of which contain humectants and skin softeners in order to maintain the integrity of the skin. all available products can also be used safely on gloved hands.